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Pastor E

Pastor Terrye Moore preaching message entitled “Anointed for Greatness – Part 2” on Sunday, February 10, 2019

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Pastor E

Tune in to our weekly broadcast on Baltimore’s leader in gospel music radio station Heaven 600 AM or online at iHeartRadio.com.  Our broadcast focuses on our community and gives listeners a peek at the heart of our church.

Water From The Rock Weekly Radio Broadcast

Easter at Our New Location!

Bro. James

There is a chorus that we sometimes sing that says:

My God can do anything, anything, anything.
My God can do anything!
He made this world and all its fullness
and all that time will bring.
My God can do anything!

Today our hearts are overwhelmed in amazement at the wondrous things God has done in our midst. We thank Him for the legacy that has brought us to this day. We pay tribute to the spiritual foundation that was laid many years ago by the prayers and support of many who are now resting with Jesus, including among others, the founding Mother of our Church Deacon Dr. Gabrella McNair, our Pastor and Mentor Rev. J. Luther Carroll – Christian Life Church, and our parents Rev. Walter and Mrs. Margaret Sewell – United Methodist Church Pastor and First Lady.

We thank God for the wonderful sheep He has pastured here at New Solid Rock Fellowship Church and for the many friends and supporters who have helped pave the way to this Glorious Resurrection Sunday of Celebration.

As we move forward into the vision God has placed before us, we go forth with the confidence that what God has begun, He is well able to complete.

God’s Blessings Be With You,
Pastor B & Pastor E

Current Announcements

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WATCH: Vacation Bible School

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Vacation Bible School

This year we celebrated VICTORY through CHRIST!  Each day of VBS kicked-kicked off with a pep rally that reminded us that ‘GOD ALWAYS WINS!’.

We can’t believe that God did all of this at VBS.  You have to see for yourself.
Take a look at the video.

Assistant Pastor Position

Pastor E

Assistant Pastor

Part-time Position

New Solid Rock Fellowship Church
4003 W. Northern Parkway – Baltimore, MD 21215
443-438-5068 / theChurch@nsrfc.org
Website: newsolidrock.org
Drs. Ernest & Brenda Sewell, Pastors
Rev. Terrye Moore, Pastor Designate


The successful candidate will exhibit exemplary character and a lifestyle consistent with biblical principles of leadership, have a servant’s attitude and a shepherd’s heart, be seeking a Pentecostal/charismatic worship environment, be energetic and passionate for evangelism, community outreach, and discipling God’s people of all ages, have excellent administrative, communication, and technical skills, and possess or aspire to possess advanced ministerial credentials. Applicant should submit to the pastors via email or U.S. mail a resume and a letter describing how applicant’s experience and qualifications match the requirements of the position.

Application period ends June 1, 2017.


Overall responsibility is to assist the Pastors in fulfilling the visionary, spiritual, and administrative oversight of the church and the sheperding care of the flock.


1.   Preach at Sunday Worship Celebrations and other special services on a regular basis as scheduled.

2.   Assist in conducting communion services, weddings, baptisms, baby dedications and funerals.

3.   Supervise specific ministries as may be assigned, for example, discipleship, youth, women’s ministries.

4.   Develop training materials and conduct training for ministry leaders, including leading selected Preach-Teach-Lead (PTL) Ministry (ordination track training) sessions.

5.   Make home, hospital, and nursing home visits.

6.   Plan, organize and schedule retreats for ministry team.

7.   Oversee the Rock Ambassador Ministry and establish and maintain contacts with youth organizations, schools, neighborhoods, governmental, and community service groups in the area.

8.   Serve as Substitute Bible Study Teacher for Wednesday Mid-Day and Evening Bible Studies.

9.   Assist with Children / Teen Church as needed.

10.  Chair Ministry Advisory Team (MAT) and set long range plans for church growth, implementation of cell groups, and the evolvement of a ministry structure that enhances personal and organizational spiritual formation.

11.  Assist with preparation of annual operating budget.

12.  Monitor church ministries, oversee their focus, goals, and effectiveness, and alert pastors with any areas of concern or conflict.

13.  Assist in scheduling and coordinating church events as required.

14.  Supervise church administrative staff.

15.  Serve as primary liaison with Trustees on matters relating to church property.

16.  Oversee the evaluation and implementation of operational and administrative IT systems, coordinate their integration into ministry processes, and assure timely migrations to state of the art functionality.

17.  Develop and schedule fundraiser activities.

18.  Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Pastors.

2017 Church Theme

Pastor E

An Evening of Worship Featuring Namyanka Christian Performing Arts – Sunday, October 3, 2016 – 4 P.M.

Pastor E


Church & Pastors’ 14th Anniversary – Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pastor E


Notes from July 17, 2016 Men’s Huddle

Pastor E
Men's Huddle

New Solid Rock Fellowship Church

Notes from Men’s Huddle

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The meeting opened with song, prayer, and reciting of Scriptures.

Men in Attendance

Bro. James Ashby                                                   Bro. Kenneth Moore

Bro. Charles Butts                                                  Bro. Kevin Muller

Deacon Jack Briscoe                                              Bro. Robert Payne

Deacon Alfonza Jones                                           Pastor Ernest Sewell


Brothers read and discussed the passage from Matthew 10:35-42.  This passage is about priorities, commitment, and sacrifice, and what it means to give Jesus Christ first priority in our life.

Tuesday Night Prayer Conference Call Prayer Leaders

Pastor E recommended that the Prayer Leader for each Tuesday Night Prayer Conference Call would be selected each Tuesday from the brothers who call in to participate.

Young Men’s Outing

Fishing trip is still a possibility.  It was suggested that we explore the free Oriole baseball games that may be available to our youth through a program coordinated by Doc. Cheatham.  Bro. James Ashby will obtain contact info from Pastor Terrye.

During this discussion, comments were made concerning developing a mentorship program for our young men.  Deacon Briscoe mentioned that he was working on a mentorship program.  It was pointed out that we needed to use caution and should possibly begin with a “homework help” program.

“Bless Be The Tie” Necktie Fundraiser

Deacon Jack Briscoe and Bro. Kenneth Moore agreed to restart the necktie fundraiser on July 31 to clear out the ties on hand before seeking additional tie donations from men’s clothing stores.


Leaf Blower/Vacuum for the Church

Deacon Levert Moore sent a list containing descriptions and prices of various blowers/vacuums for consideration.  The brothers agreed to donate $20 each by the 3rd Sunday in October (October 16) to purchase the blower for the Church.  We will decide on the brand and model to purchase at our next Huddle.


 Handicap Grab Bars in Men’s Room

Brothers agreed that grab bars should be installed in the men’s room.  We have to set a date and arrange for the installation to be done.

National Night Out

Brothers discussed the upcoming National Night Out on August 2, 2016 at Arlington Elementary/Middle School on Tuesday, August 2 from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.  Volunteers were asked to be available at 5 P.M. for set-up.

Our closing prayer was offered by Bro. Kevin Muller.

Next Men’s Huddle – Sunday, September 18, 2016 – 1:30 P.M. in Fellowship Hall.

Notes from Sunday, May 15, 2016 Men’s Huddle

Pastor E
Men's Huddle

New Solid Rock Fellowship Church

Notes from Men’s Huddle

Sunday, May 15, 2016



The meeting opened with song, prayer, and reciting of Scriptures.


Men in Attendance

Bro. James Ashby                                                   Deacon Levert Moore

Bro. Paulloyd Carter                                              Bro. Robert Payne

Deacon Alfonza Jones                                           Bro. Larry Williams

Bro. Kenneth Moore                                             Pastor Ernest Sewell



Deacon Briscoe, Deacon Moore, Bro. Payne, and Pastor E attended the NOI Conflict Resolution Training Session at Connextions High School on April 23, 2016.  Deacon Moore, Bro. Payne, and Pastor E reported on the valuable information they learned from the NOI’s initiative to reduce violence in our communities.

Deacon Briscoe, Deacon Jones, Deacon Moore, Bro. Payne, and Pastor E attended the Men’s Conference at New Freedom Baptist Church on May 14, 2016.  Deacon Jones, Deacon Moore, Bro. Payne, and Pastor E reported on the information they received on the theme “Godly Men” from the presenters who discussed the Christian man’s role in the home, at church, and as our brother’s keeper.

Tuesday Night Prayer Conference Call Prayer Leaders

Reminder:  The following brothers will be serving as prayer leaders for the dates listed.

Bro. James Ashby                           5-24, 6-21, 7-19

MIT Deacon Jack Briscoe             5-31

Deacon Levert Moore                   6-28, 7-12

Bro. Robert Payne                         5-10

Security Guidelines

Bro. Kenneth Moore distributed and discussed a proposal for the Security Ministry that included budget requirements, equipment needed, and general procedures.  Proposal will be discussed with church leadership.

Young Men’s Outing

Bro. James Ashby reported that the first choice is a fishing trip to Loch Raven Reservoir on June 25 or July 23.  He will look into the requirements for licenses and other details.  A trip to an Oriole game is still a possible second option.

Leaf Blower/Vacuum

Deacon Levert Moore will look into the purchase cost of a leaf blower/vacuum and provide details for further discussion.

Men’s Chorale Rehearsal Dates

In preparation for ministry on Father’s Day, the Men’s Chorale will rehearse on the following dates and times:

Thursday, June 2 – 6:30 PM

Wednesday, June 8 – 6:30 PM

Wednesday, June 15 – 6:30 PM

Sunday Fun Day – May 29, 2016

The brothers agreed to do the set-up (8 AM – 9 AM) and clean-up (4 PM – 5 PM)

In addition, the men will prepare the food:

Bro. Larry Williams and Bro. Robert Payne – provide and man the grills

Bro James Ashby – garden salad

Bro. Kenneth Moore – potato salad

Bro. Robert Payne – baked beans

Bro. Paulloyd Carter will check with Pastor T concerning sno-ball equipment

Bro. Larry Williams and Pastor E will shop for food items on Tuesday, May 24


Our closing prayer was offered by Deacon Alfonza Jones.


Next Men’s Huddle – Sunday, July17, 2016 – 1:30 P.M. in Fellowship