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After 18 years of membership and ministry at Christian Life Church , Baltimore, MD, under the pastorate of the late Rev. J. Luther Carroll, in the 1990’s, like Abraham, Pastors E and B began sensing a compelling urge of the Holy Spirit to “do a new thing.”  As the years progressed, God implanted in their spirit the details of the vision and mission He intended for them to pursue.  Through much prayer and fasting and encouragement and support of the saints, a series of weekly prayer meetings began unfolding on Sunday evenings in their daycare center, Maranatha Christian Daycare and Learning Center, located at 3523 Ellen Road, Baltimore, MD.  These prayer meetings led to the organizational meeting held on September 7, 2002.

Old Church Location - 3523 Ellen Road

Old Church Location – 3523 Ellen Road

At this meeting the founding members, comprised of Evangelists Ernest and Brenda Sewell, Dr. Gabrella McNair (deceased), Sis. Terrye Ashby, and Sis. Carla Bluitt, adopted the founding Church Charter:

WHEREAS, We have sought the Will of God through prayer and fasting, and
WHEREAS, We have been called and appointed of God to organize a new church for the purpose of bringing souls into the kingdom of God through preaching, teaching, and practicing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and
WHEREAS, We are committed to this ministry,

RESOLVED, That we, the undersigned, being led by the Holy Spirit, on this 7th day of September, 2002 do organize and constitute a new church to be named New Solid Rock Fellowship Church, and

FURTHER RESOLVED, That Evangelist Ernest M. Sewell and Evangelist Brenda J. Sewell be appointed and serve as founding Pastors of New Solid Rock Fellowship Church, Baltimore, Maryland.

Ellen Road - First Sanctuary

Ellen Road – First Sanctuary

Our first church service was held on Sunday, October 6, 2002 in a classroom at 3523 Ellen Road. We started with humble beginnings.

Over the years God has blessed us mightily.  He has enabled us to make a spiritual impact both locally and internationally.  He has added faithful and committed covenant keepers to the fold.  In 2004 God made provision for us to complete extensive renovations on Ellen Road and we held our first service in our renovated sanctuary there on August 29, 2004.

Ellen Road - Renovated Sanctuary

Ellen Road – Renovated Sanctuary

On April 5th of 2011, God enabled us to purchase our current property at 4003 W. Northern Parkway, Baltimore, MD, which we dedicated on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011.  On Sunday, August 14, 2011, Rev. Terrye Ashby Moore (Ordained Minister 2005) was consecrated to the Office of Pastoral Ministry and appointed Assistant Pastor.  Rev.  Moore was installed as Senior Pastor of New Solid Rock Fellowship Church during the Church and Pastors’ 15th Anniversary Service on Sunday, October 1, 2017, which was also celebrated with the burning of the church’s mortgage.

Northern Parkway Sanctuary

Northern Parkway Sanctuary

We thank God for the souls saved, the miracles witnessed, and the promises kept.  We look forward to the greater harvest ahead and to faithful service in God’s Vineyard until the day of Jesus Christ.