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Notes from October 25, 2015 Men’s Huddle

Bro. James
Men's Huddle

New Solid Rock Fellowship Church

Notes from Men’s Huddle

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Men in Attendance

Bro. James Ashby                                Bro. Robert Payne

Deacon Jack Briscoe                           Bro. W. Maurice Robinson

Bro. Paulloyd Carter                           Bro. Richard Shand

Deacon Alfonza Jones                         Pastor Ernest Sewell

Bro. Kenneth Moore                           Bro. Larry Williams


Maximized Manhood

We discussed Lesson 12.

Chapter 18:  Take It To the Cross

  1. A father is responsible for the child he has conceived.
  2. Sons and daughters are born, fathers are made.
  3. Real manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.
  4. Jesus’s cross was His willingness to do His Father’s will even at the expense of Himself.
  5. Our cross is our willingness to do God’s will even at the expense of ourselves.

Chapter 19:  That’s My Dad

  1. Don’t let yourself be caught in a situation where your talent has taken you to a place where your character can’t sustain you.
  2. Children of divorce never recover from it.
  3. A father’s responsibility is to raise trustworthy children who have a strong Christian foundation.
  4. We must be more than just “Sunday Christians.”
  5. We must leave our children a legacy that includes faith in God

Chapter 20:  Burn Out Don’t Fade Out

  1. God loves you the way you are, but loves you too much to leave you the way you are.
  2. The fleshly nature of man always want to relax, take it easy, rest, not be subject to the disciplines of the spirit that hungers and thirsts for God, that seeks more and more of God through Bible study and prayer.
  3. Don’t become lukewarm in your relationship with God.  Stay fired out.  Give Him your everything.  Have a passion for God.  Serve Him with your whole heart.  Don’t fade out, burn out for God.


Prayer Leaders for the rest of the year

Pastor E encouraged Prayer Leaders to make every effort to be on the line for their appointed days

10/27 – Deacon Willie Briscoe

11/3 – Deacon Alfonza Jones

11/10 –  Pastor E

11/17 – Bro. Robert Payne

11/24 – Bro. Charles Butts

12/1 – Bro. Larry Williams

12/8 – Bro. Kenneth Moore

12/15 – Deacon Willie Briscoe

12/22 – Deacon Alfonza Jones

12/29 – Pastor E



Servers Donation Fund Drive

This fund drive is to help with our mortgage pay-down goal.  Pastor E requested men to help on Saturday, October 31 – 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. with driving rented U-haul, picking up donations of clothes and household goods from members’ residences, and delivering the items to the Savers Donation Center in Owings Mills.  The Church will receive a contribution from the Savers organization based on the weight of the goods donated.  Bro. Robert Payne volunteered to help.  Bro. Paulloyd Carter was a “maybe.”   We really need more manpower.  All men are asked to take another look to see if you can make arrangements to lend your help to this effort.  Thanks.


Men’s Chorale

The following brothers committed to be faithful to their commitment to be part of the Men’s Chorale:

Bro. James Ashby

Deacon Jack Briscoe

Bro. Paulloyd Carter

Deacon Alfonza Jones

Bro. Kenneth Moore

Bro. W. Maurice Robinson

Bro. Richard Shand

Bro. Larry Williams – Facilitator


Bro. James and Bro. Larry will select the songs.  Deacon Jack agreed to obtain suggestions for songs from Sis. Connie Briscoe.


In our Huddle, we agreed to have two rehearsals each month:  on the first Sunday after service and as part of the Men’s Huddle on the third Sunday.  PLEASE NOTE:   After our Huddle, Pastor E was reminded that the Pastors have agreed to avoid ministry activity on first Sundays following the Lord’s Supper as part of our reverence to Christ.


THEREFORE, THERE WILL BE NO REHEARSAL ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1 AS PREVIOUSLY PLANNED.  We request Bro. James and Bro. Larry to select another time for the Men’s Chorale to rehearse other than the first Sunday.


“Bless Be The Tie” Fundraiser

Deacon Briscoe will have letters prepared to give to the men who volunteered to contact men’s stores and request donations of new men’s ties that can be added to the approximately 35 new ties that have already been donated.  Our goal is to have 100 ties to offer to our congregation and others for a donation of $10 each.  Deacon Briscoe will also make an announcement and arrange for a flyer to be prepared to kick-off the fundraiser on Sunday, November 15, 2015 in time for persons to use this opportunity in their Christmas gift planning.


Thanksgiving Baskets

Deacon Jones reported on plans regarding our Thanksgiving Baskets project.  We are planning to prepare 20 baskets.  Members of the congregation have been asked to bring their food donations for the baskets to Church by Sunday, November 15.  During the week of November 16 – 21 the baskets will be packed and the turkey’s purchased.  Give names of persons whom you recommend to receive a basket to one of the Pastors.  Recipients will be invited to join us for service and pick up their basket on Sunday, November 22.  Anyone unable to pick their basket up will have their basket delivered to them on Monday, November 23 or Tuesday, November 24.


IMPORTANT:  Each Brother is asked to donate $25 towards the purchase of turkeys by November 15.  You can place your donation in an offering envelope.  Be sure to write your name and “For Turkeys” on the envelope and place it in the offering basket.


Men’s Health Conference/Life Bridge Health – Sat., Nov. 7, 2015 – 9:30 AM. – 1 P.M.

Pastor E shared that this conference will be  at Manna Bible Baptist Church – 3043 W. Belvedere Avenue – Continental Breakfast at 9:30 A.M. – Health Screenings – Experts sharing on Men’s General Health, Prostate, Hypertension, Diabetes – Need to call 410-664-0743 to register.



Men’s Outing and Fellowship at Cheyanne’s Southern Café & BBQ (1436 S. Philadelphia Blvd. – Aberdeen, MD).

It was agreed that we would schedule this for the Spring of 2016.


Request for Assistance at Soup Kitchen

Bro. Robert Payne asked for volunteers to assist at the Soup Kitchen located at Pratt and Smallwood Streets on the third Saturday of November and the third Saturday of December from 10 A.M. – 1 P.M.  Please contact Bro. Payne (410-804-1158) to let him know that you can help out.


Next Men’s Huddle – Sunday, November 15, 2015 – 1:30 P.M. in Fellowship Hall

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